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To become the finest digital solution provider

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To provide our clients with the best quality service with a growth-oriented approach


To provide our clients with the best quality service with a growth-oriented approach to achieve their business goals efficiently and effectively. We seek to enhance the emerging brands of tomorrow, delivering the online exposure they deserve.


Meet the Founders

Here at Succeedo Digital Marketing, we fly together. Our dynamic team consists of multiple departments filled with subject matter experts in their respective fields, coming together to devise the best strategies and approaches for our clients’ needs.

What our clients are saying


Leah Yurfset

I was looking for a digital marketing agency to help me grow my business, and I'm so glad I found Succeedo. They're a team of experts who really understand what I need to do to succeed online.

Roy Gold

Amazing work! By far exceeded our expectations. Helped us learn key things to do to maximize our success! Gave us a plan + executed the plan promptly Team Succeedo for Digital Marketing and Web development

Nela Yliuay

The deliverable was on time and of high quality and really will help us with our strategy. Sonu was easy to get in touch with and guided us through the project. We will continue to seek her help on additional product strategies.

You're probably


  • Are you the best digital marketing agency?
    Firstly, let's get one thing straight. There is no such thing as the best digital marketing agency. Sure, there are plenty of superb agencies that could claim this title, however, every agency has strengths and weaknesses. A handful of growth charts and some testimonials does not make you the best in the industry. However, while we refuse to classify ourselves as the "best digital marketing agency", we are extremely proud to be highly regarded across Australia. As one of Melbourne's leading digital agencies, we attribute this success to our honesty, performance and ability to cohesively blend cross-channel digital marketing strategies. We listen, we act, and we continue to strive for perfection. We are the type of digital agency that seriously puts performance first and will often turn down campaigns when we do not feel that we can be allowed to perform at our best. It's a reputation thing (read our Google Reviews). So, if you are still looking for the best digital marketing agency we recommend that you give us a call on today
  • What digital marketing services do you offer?
    Digital Next plays heavily within the space of search marketing. While we could be classified asa full-servicee digital marketing company, we will always advocate targeting 'ready to purchase' customers first. However, that does not mean that we do not give value to retentionor top-of-funnell strategies .Hereares some of the digital marketing services we offer across world. SEO Marketing. Local SEO Services. Backlink Acquisition. Blog Writing Services. Google Ads Management. Google Remarketing Services. Google Shopping Management. Bing Ads Management. Facebook Ads Management. Facebook Remarketing Services. Website Development. WordPress Hosting. WordPress Security Services. &more
  • How much does digital marketing cost?
    There is no fixed cost for digital marketing services. Do not be suckered into thinking that cheap digital marketing packages will get the job done, because they won't. The rate that digital marketers charge will vary depending on the service they are providing and the experience they bring to the table. As a general rule of thumb, most agencies will charge anywhere between $90 to $200 per hour for national digital marketing services. Although, premium agency partners will charge north of $210 per hour. The rate really depends on the expertise, the work that needs completing and whether you are targeting local or national demographics. Contact us for more details and pricing Despite this question being answered using hourly rates, it is important to note that the majority of digital marketing experts charge a fixed campaign management fee or retainer. Ultimately, you are paying for time and materials with any third-party software costs baked into this fee or charged separately. Therefore, the majority of digital marketing campaigns can be broken very easily down into a fixed management fee which provides you with a fixed amount of management hours. The above said any digital agency worth their salt will be starting conversations with you surrounding return on investment rather than cost. The cost of digital marketing does not matter when you are making great returns and this is where the conversation should begin. Assess the quality of your marketing by looking at the dollars you make in return, rather than the dollars that you outlay upfront.
  • What is a full-service agency?
    A full-service digital marketing agency is a company that offers expertise across the entire spectrum of digital marketing. Of which, the digital marketing services they provide will enable your business to simultaneously grow your market share across a number of digital marketing channels. The types of services you can expect from a full-service digital marketing agency include web design, social media, search marketing, value articulation, remarketing and the list just keeps going. While a lot of agencies claim to be ”full-service”, you should always check to see whether they are actually providing digital marketing services that span the entire purchasing journey of your customers. If they are not acquiring new traffic, nurturing existing traffic, recapturing lost traffic and offering client retention services, then, they are not a full-service digital marketing agency. In addition, where a lot of agencies fall short is that they offer full-service marketing packages but do not have expertise in absolutely every discipline. Therefore, it is also important that you qualify the people that you are working with and make sure your account managers across each digital marketing channel are experts within the field.
  • Do you have digital marketing packages?
    No. We do not offer digital marketing packages in the traditional sense of a one-size-fits-all approach. However, we do package up our solutions into 6-monthly strategies with a fixed investment attached to achieve growth. So, I guess you could call this a digital marketing package. Although some of our packages may be similar to other businesses, the nuances of the deliverables we will action will vary from company to company. For example, our monthly blog writing packages come with 3 core options to choose from. Yet, the outcome of what we will deliver will vary depending on your industry. For example, a law firm will require vastly different types of blog articles compared to a marquee hire company. So yes, we do offer digital marketing packages but do not be fooled into thinking we take a one size fits all approach.
  • Do you provide monthly reports?
    Absolutely. We provide monthly reports alongside regular communication in between. In fact, we would steer clear of any digital marketing agency that does not provide transparent reporting. Further to this, not only do we report on the actions taken, every report is bespoke to you. Sure, we use some tools to harvest data to save some time, however, we are not going to just chuck you a templated report and let you figure the rest out for yourselves. Data without context is absolutely useless and our experts are completely adept at transforming data into constructive actions.
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